Thursday, December 25, 2008

What are those?

So you might be wondering, what are those little circles above my picture? They are dragon eggs. I rescued them from there abandoning mother and I'm taking care of them. You can click on them to see a little bit more of there info. And I think when you click on them it helps them to hatch. So I hopefully will be the mother of several dragons.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Struck Dumb

When ever people hear that phrase one usually pictures either someone afraid to speak or someone blown away by the words of a person wiser then themselves. Or there's the third option. Picturing someone striking a dumb person, but that's mean.

but some people miss use the words. They use it when someone is silent to there verbal abuse. Like this, "You know what, your just a weekling." Silence. "What's the matter, you struck dumb?" (not nice!) I've actually heard people being verbally abused and when they make no contact, instead of the usual 'cat caught your tongue' it's 'what, you struck dumb' which hurts more then the first.

So, what should the people who are 'struck dumb' do? Should they make a snappy someback? Should they walk away? There isn't really a good answer to these questions. Everything depends on the previous circumstances and the background of the bully and the victum. But the reality is that these situations are going on all arround us. Not just in junior high or high school. In colleges and the work place. Because those bullies don't grow out of being bullies. And the victums will still carry their shame.

Few get out of this rift into a different confidence and life stile. But the majority remain the same. That is one of the huge problems with our day and age. All the kids that grew up in there little rifts that their parents didn't get them out of are now the adults of today and of corse they aren't going to teach the right things to there kids.

All I can say in conclusion is this, Lord, I'm waiting for the day you will come back to earth and tack us to be with you. Please let that day be soon. For the world is no longer lovely to my eyes.