Friday, November 13, 2009

Catching Up

So, I've noticed the lack of blog posts...sadly life has been happening all around me. I'm not sure I was doing anything except being whirled around in its kayos, but this week I've landed on a patch of solid ground.

A lot has happened this summer. In August I went to the Cleanplace Moot up in Bear Trap Ranch. Oh my goodness! I had a blast! I was able to see old friends and new faces, writing with my fellow CPers and just having an awesome time strengthening relationships. It was amazing!
But also over the months, I have been able to develop some friendships at my church. o_O Shocking I know, but awesome! My sister started a bible study for young women and the girls going there are great. The singles group has developed very well over the summer and enough people are taking college classes here that we are able to keep it going all year. Yes!

I've been practicing drawing Marvel and DC comic styles to help in my desire to make a graphic novel. That's been fun, but time consuming.
I've also gotten a photo shop program and have been playing with putting pictures together for awesome backgrounds and such. Here's one of my favorites.All in all, my writing and art have taken leaps these past few months. My relationship status has gone up, and I'm feeling like a happier person! Yippee!

I'll try to keep up with the posts now that I'm not so busy...sorry for the rushed recap...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flushed Away

This day we will give a moment of silence for our fallen comrade.

On the evening of the 21st, our beloved

Scooby Doo

breathed his last bubble.

Okay, so this is what happened. I had a longer day of work on Thursday, I babysat the boys, and got home late. So I was getting ready for bed, which includes feeding Scooby Doo his nightly dinner. I went to the tank and he was no longer the beautiful aqua like Scooby's collar, but sheet white and belly up.

I wasn't fully sure what to do, so I waited till morning to take care of the dead. We ceremoniously (not really) placed him in the toilet. A few words were spoken (more like three, 'Goodbye Scooby Doo') and mourners cried (more like my little sister shedding one tear). But alas, our beloved fish, Scooby Doo is now sleeping where fishes lie in a human society.

The toilet.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

With Lissi

Lissi, a totally awesome girl and one of my bestest friends, recently came to Colorado for the summer. She's in the Denver aria, not the Springs, so Yesterday I drove up to spend the day with her. Well, it ended up where I spent the night with her too. We were able to talk a lot and joke about things we see in life, while watching the two kids she helps take care of.

We went shopping at a thrift store, a pawn shop, at Albertsons, etc. Today we're going to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart for things that Punkin needs to make me a...dress...*gasp*!

It's for the Renaissance Festival, so it's not anything like a Sunday dress or anything.

But It's been an awesome couple of days. I pray that Lissi will be able to stay in CO. (Little note in here from Lissi: And I pray that Legolas will ALWAYS be one of my best friends. :) ) Love you so much Girl!!

Well, I need to get back to spending time with the Awesome Lissi! See you all soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Plans for Fitness

Okay, so on Friday evening I went to my friend MangyCat's house. (I actually go there a lot cause she's so awesome!) I had dinner and we went to the Good Friday service at her church. That was really cool. We sang worship songs and had some scripture reading, but then we did something different. There were several stations set about the room for people to reflect on the death and Resurrection of Jesus in a more personal way. You could take communion, nail your name to a cross, read about the seven last phrases of Jesus, and an art room where you could draw or sculpt about what Jesus's death and Resurrection meant to yourself. It was very unique.

And your thinking, what does this have to do with fitness....

Well, I'm coming to that. After the service and after we got her kids in bed, we decided to watch 10th Kingdom together. (5 hours of a totally cool movie, with a guy named really made me want a 'wolf' in my life...he was plain wonderful.) MangyCat ended up going to bed, then after the movie, about 2:30 a.m., I went to sleep on the foot-on.

In the morning, MangyCat took me to 24 Hour Fitness. It was a day that members could bring a friend for free. She's a member and I was the friend. So we did a half hour on the elliptical, then we swam some laps, and lastly sat in the hot tub for a few minutes. Then we showered and went home. But before we left, I talked to one of the employees at 24 and I got myself a membership!


It was $30 cheaper then if I had gotten the membership any other day, there was a deal going on only Sat, and I am so glad I got it! Now I can work out with more enthusiasm, and with a lot more equipment. I can swim (which I adore!), run, lift weights, shoot hoops, and much more. And the people there are so nice and encouraging. I'm very grateful that God provided the finances for me to be better about taking care of myself.

On a side note, Kale is 100% better. Yippee! Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kale and the Vet...*tear*

Okay, so Kale is a wonderful beautiful cat. I love her dearly and she knows I'm her mother. But she has an upper respiratory problem. She's constantly sneezing and she won't eat. We got her on Friday and she hasn't taken a single bite of food since then. She's had to have three IV's and she is on two different medications. She has diharia. She might have to go the the vet again tomorrow. I need to sit her in the bathroom and turn the shower on really hot to make a heat room so that the congestion in her nose will clear up a bit. I need to do it at least three times a day. We also have to force feed her with baby food. We use a syringe and push the food into her mouth.


She just has a lot of health problems. Thankfully when we took her to the vet the first time he tested her for all types of things like cancer, epilepsy, liver and kidney problems. Everything is fine. She doesn't have cancer or anything else. It's just he stupid respiratory problem. If we can't get her to eat soon she might, over time, die.

Please be in prayer for her. I really don't want her to die, and I don't want to give her away. I just got her and she's the perfect pet for me. She's so loving and she adores being with me. Please pray that she'll get better and that she's eat. Please that she'll eat! Please! *tear*

Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Kale

Now it's time to meet my new pet. Kale Izzy Selk. She is 4 years old. She is totally adorable! Mom and I decided to go today to look at the cats. We had already done some browsing online yesterday, so we had an idea as to what we were looking for. When Mom, my little sister and I went into to viewing room and 'Izzy' (as she was called at the Humane Society) was brought out, she instantly came to us and let us pet her. Then she curled up in my lap and pushed her head into my chin. I knew at once that this was the cat for us!

I praise the Lord for this whole circumstance! Mom and I have made a deal. Mom will pay for Kale and all her vet bills and food and cat liter while I'm living at home. When I move out, I'll be taking Kale with me and then I'll take control of all the financially stuff. My job is to take care of Kale. Feed her, change her cat litter, and give her plenty of attention. ;) That's the best part!

And don't worry, my fish Scooby-Doo is doing well. He loves his tank and I haven't had any trouble with him. And Kale doesn't know he exists, so he's safe.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3, 2, 1, Action!

Okay, I don't know how many times I've said that phrase these past two days. Filming for my brother's movie has gone underway and actually flowed pretty smoothly. The weather has been good, and we've filmed more then we thought we were able to get done.

My cousin Emily came over from Idaho and is playing a really important character. All of our Pastors are involved, and several friends. We so far haven't hit any major road blocks or even small ones.

We are using real weapons, and thankfully no one has gotten hurt, at least from the weapons. On of our friends landed on some cactus and had little needles all over his hand. Each one of us had small cuts, bruises, scrapes and blisters from climbing all over Palmer Park and falling and punching and throwing...basically a lot of physical stuff.

The thing is, we still have at least nine more days...most likely more...of just filming. Then comes the part where we put it together scene by scene, add music, put extras in order and in a proper menu, etc.

We've had a few power struggles. Basically because it's my brothers movie, yet he's asked for my help, only some times he wouldn't accept it. But that's straightened out, so the rest of the filming should move more smoothly.

Just pray for me. I've gotten really stressed because I'm still working, still going to school, still doing chores, and several other extra things for other people, and I'm helping with my brother's movie. *large sigh!* I've cried several times in past two days because I'm over-whelmed...big time!

But the movie should be over soon...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things Happening & Things Happened

Oh man! A whole month has gone by and I haven't posted a single thing! Now, I can kick myself for not being dedicated to this blog, or I can jump for joy because I haven't been spending so much time on the computer and spending time doing other things, more productive things. And that is the reason I haven't been in the land of cyber space very often.

*Large Sigh*

A lot has been happening in the life of Legolas.

The last week of January I began a watercolor class at the Bemis School of Art, Thanks to Mrs. Paul pushing me into it. ;) So I've been learning a lot and stunning people with my paintings even though this is the first time in any type of watercolor class.

Well, one of the other lady's taking the class owns an art gallery in Manitou. She really thought I had potential in the art field but she jumped with excitement when she saw a picture of an angel that I had painted in one of the classes.

She grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "You have to give me that picture and put it in my gallery!"

I must say that I thought she was over-reacting or was just being silly, but no. She was adamantly serious. So I've thought of the prospect of me selling my pictures through her gallery for many nights. Mom and I discussed a lot of things and we went to Manitou and saw her gallery. Mom was comfortable. I was comfortable.

Ever since then, I've been painting nothing but angels. I've made the backgrounds better and fiddled around with their positions, and each time I make a new painting, its better then the first. And everyone loves them.

Of course, to get the pieces ready for the gallery, I have to mat and frame them. Thanks to God the frames and mats were on sale this week. So now they're ready for me to bring them to the art gallery.

My hope is that all this work in getting the pictures made and presentable will not be for nothing. I know that might sound greedy, but the only way an artist can make more paintings is if the first ones are bought. And that only happens if people like them.

If you want to visit the gallery, here's the address.

Fare Bella Studio and Gallery
16 Ruxton Ave.
Manitou Springs (Manitou Springs/Ute Pass) CO 80829

Many other things have been going on, this past month.

I finally gave mom and dad the last payment for my car! It's now officially mine! :)

Some of you may know, but I'm striving to lose weight. So I'm to exercise more, eat less junk food and more health food. Please pray for me in this area, because it is hard to lose weight when one likes to eat. My goal is to get to 150 this year. At least to 150, then I can go lower in number after I've reached that digit.

One thing that is giving me some stimulation is that I really want to dye my hair. (Bleached with blue streaks.) And I've told myself that I can't do that until I've reached 150 lbs. And I want my hair dyed like that for the summer, so I really want to lose weight before summer time. *crosses fingers* Please!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet Scooby Doo!

Okay, so the little computer dragon eggs didn't get enough clicks and they died. But I've brought a live creature into my life instead of a computer one. I would have preferred a dog or cat, but at the moment I can't afford one. So I found Scooby Doo.

He's a Delta Tail Betta. I named him Scooby Doo because his color is very much like Scooby's collar. And I always name pets with names that can't be used for people. So, If I ever had children I wouldn't be able to name a son Scooby Doo. Thus it is a name fit for a pet. Scooby will be the first of many pets that I hope to own in my lifetime.

When I get a dog, on that day in the future, I'll name him Xanatos. And Joker will be my first cat's name. My next Betta will probably be Darth Vadar. And, if I ever got one *please!*, if I ever adopted a bat his name would be Bruce. As in 'Bruce Wayne' a.k.a Batman.

But right now, I'm really happy that Scooby Doo is in my life. It just makes me smile when I think that I can come home and look into his little bowl and see him swim around. I thank God for giving me the ability to buy him. I just hope he lives long.