Friday, November 13, 2009

Catching Up

So, I've noticed the lack of blog posts...sadly life has been happening all around me. I'm not sure I was doing anything except being whirled around in its kayos, but this week I've landed on a patch of solid ground.

A lot has happened this summer. In August I went to the Cleanplace Moot up in Bear Trap Ranch. Oh my goodness! I had a blast! I was able to see old friends and new faces, writing with my fellow CPers and just having an awesome time strengthening relationships. It was amazing!
But also over the months, I have been able to develop some friendships at my church. o_O Shocking I know, but awesome! My sister started a bible study for young women and the girls going there are great. The singles group has developed very well over the summer and enough people are taking college classes here that we are able to keep it going all year. Yes!

I've been practicing drawing Marvel and DC comic styles to help in my desire to make a graphic novel. That's been fun, but time consuming.
I've also gotten a photo shop program and have been playing with putting pictures together for awesome backgrounds and such. Here's one of my favorites.All in all, my writing and art have taken leaps these past few months. My relationship status has gone up, and I'm feeling like a happier person! Yippee!

I'll try to keep up with the posts now that I'm not so busy...sorry for the rushed recap...

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MangyCat said...

Hey, a rushed recap is better than a long missive, in my humble opinion. ;o)

LOVE that Marvel-esque work that you have been doing. Keep it up!

We have to get together soon!