Thursday, March 19, 2009

3, 2, 1, Action!

Okay, I don't know how many times I've said that phrase these past two days. Filming for my brother's movie has gone underway and actually flowed pretty smoothly. The weather has been good, and we've filmed more then we thought we were able to get done.

My cousin Emily came over from Idaho and is playing a really important character. All of our Pastors are involved, and several friends. We so far haven't hit any major road blocks or even small ones.

We are using real weapons, and thankfully no one has gotten hurt, at least from the weapons. On of our friends landed on some cactus and had little needles all over his hand. Each one of us had small cuts, bruises, scrapes and blisters from climbing all over Palmer Park and falling and punching and throwing...basically a lot of physical stuff.

The thing is, we still have at least nine more days...most likely more...of just filming. Then comes the part where we put it together scene by scene, add music, put extras in order and in a proper menu, etc.

We've had a few power struggles. Basically because it's my brothers movie, yet he's asked for my help, only some times he wouldn't accept it. But that's straightened out, so the rest of the filming should move more smoothly.

Just pray for me. I've gotten really stressed because I'm still working, still going to school, still doing chores, and several other extra things for other people, and I'm helping with my brother's movie. *large sigh!* I've cried several times in past two days because I'm over-whelmed...big time!

But the movie should be over soon...


BooksforLife said...

Awe! keep at it, Legolas! It sounds really cool so far. And remember, God is with you!!

MangyCat said...

*hugs* You know I'm here to rescue you here anytime you need me to. :o)

Rachael Selk said...

Thanks guys, I'm doing better now...just need to breath...:) Is always great to have friends like you!