Saturday, May 9, 2009

With Lissi

Lissi, a totally awesome girl and one of my bestest friends, recently came to Colorado for the summer. She's in the Denver aria, not the Springs, so Yesterday I drove up to spend the day with her. Well, it ended up where I spent the night with her too. We were able to talk a lot and joke about things we see in life, while watching the two kids she helps take care of.

We went shopping at a thrift store, a pawn shop, at Albertsons, etc. Today we're going to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart for things that Punkin needs to make me a...dress...*gasp*!

It's for the Renaissance Festival, so it's not anything like a Sunday dress or anything.

But It's been an awesome couple of days. I pray that Lissi will be able to stay in CO. (Little note in here from Lissi: And I pray that Legolas will ALWAYS be one of my best friends. :) ) Love you so much Girl!!

Well, I need to get back to spending time with the Awesome Lissi! See you all soon!


MangyCat said...

Hooray for friends! I am giddy with excitement that you girls are getting this time together. That is so very awesome beyond belief.

Enjoy your time together!

Rachael Selk said...

Yes, And hopefully it wont be the only time this summer. but sometime we need to to a get together with the three of us. You, Me and Lissi. That'll be fun!