Friday, November 7, 2008

Music and what it does

What is it about certain books or movies (let's through music in that barrel as well) influence us to such a great degree?

Today I set out on a quest to clean my room. The best thing to do while cleaning is to listen to music. It's even better when my family was gone all day so I could blare it as loud as I want. ;) But today I chose to listen to the Narnia Soundtrack's. (I prefer Prince Caspian's music of the two.)

So the whole afternoon I was listening to Narnia while I re-organized and cleaned my room. But that whole time, I felt like I didn't belong in the room I was cleaning. Don't worry, I did get the job done. But It didn't feel like my room. Or that I was supposed to be wearing a Bronco jersey and jeans with holes in them.

I felt like I was supposed to have a sword by my side and getting ready to charge into battle. But I'm a sword short, and the battle is no where.

I felt a little distressed. I ended up looking at the ceiling (I pictured looking at the heavens) and asked God, Why was I born in this time period? I started thinking of all the people who have no want, desire or even the knowledge of valor, honor, sacrifice, even patriotism is going down the tubes.

In college on Thur. one of the girls in my class was listening to what I wanted to do for my assignment. I was saying that I'd like to draw a picture that would recognise fire fighters and what they do for us.

And she said that I'm too patriotic.

At first I didn't know what to say. Then I asked her, what's wrong with being patriotic?

I didn't get any answer.

All this to say...(man I went down a rabbit trail...I think)...Especially today, music makes me feel like I belong in that place and time. Not this. Is that because those stories have valor, honor, sacrifice and the physical fight against good and evil? And at this day and age those qualities have no more meaning?

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