Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ninja Assassin

So, last night I watch a movie called: Ninja Assassin.

"Not a movie for the faint of heart," as my friend, MangyCat cleverly stated.

It was made by the same companies that put together the awesome Underworld movies, but this time, they added a lot more blood then is in a single human being. There were too many rivers and floods of the red liquid coming out of cuts in area's that don't have a large amount of blood. And then when cuts where inflicted on the main arteries, like heads getting chopped off, there was berely a small splash.

Now I'm, sadly, not a person easily phased by gore. The only thing that bothered me about it was that there wasn't a need for so much blood and parts. And all the gore was, unrealistic. (I'm sorry, some people might like the fact that it doesn't look real, that way they have a reason for calm nerves. But if someone is going to do something graphic, I'd rather it be realistic or not at all.)

Aside from the gore, it was an awesome movie! Ninja, assassin, Jedi, wizard, whatever cool super-person you like, you would love the acrobatics, fight sequences, and characters of this movie.

For me personally, I would so watch it again. It gave me so many ideas for my own Assassin story and just fight scenes in general. I liked the story, and the characters had funny lines and proper motivation to move in the directions the story took them.

When Mangycat and I left the theater, I walked along the ledge next to the lite up billboard that revealed the titles of the movies playing at the $1.75 theater...why it's a dollar seventy-five I don't know, but it's inexpensive which is good...Mangycat thought that it would be cool to take a picture of me. Since the board was the only light around, it would come out as a silhouette. After she took the picture, I almost screamed...wait, I might have screamed. It was awesome! So, once I got the picture off the SMS card and into my computer, I photo shoped a sword into my hand. I love it!

But still, just because I can see the movie, doesn't mean it's for everyone! Very graphic, very blood filled, body parts....truly, "Not for the feint of heart."

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MangyCat said...

Yes, you screamed. :oops: Love your Photoshopping job!