Friday, January 7, 2011

Where did the time go?


Where did the time go?

Ok, so I'm a bad girl and I haven't updated this in almost a year... *slap*

A lot has changed. I'm almost 21, yahoo! I'm now a crew trainer at Culver's. We have two cats under our roof. Kale and Maggie. Maggie isn't my cat, and Kale is still as loving as ever.

Things that I'm still in the process of is exercise. I'm still trying to make it a habit, but it's slow coming. Eating right. I've made several leaps, I'm no longing eating purely packaged food, no frozen or boxed meals. But I'm still needing to grasp that veggies are good. (I'm a pure meat girl, not veggie)

And I'm still trying to move out. My finances are being pulled and pushed into the mold of living on my own, but It's kicking and screaming. Apartments are not cheap, and I only have a little to spare for rent. So, that actually might be a problem I'm still dealing with next year. I pray it's not though...

I'm trying to go back to school for art classes, not just drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. But I'd like to learn computer graphics, prop making, and set design. My over all dream is to work in New Zealand with the movie industry that's there, but for now, I'd like to learn animation and get my foot into Dreamworks, or Pixar.

Yeah....big dreams....

For now, that's a good recap of what I've been up to. I'll do better to post more often in the future...maybe I'll post every day, like a friend of mine does... :)

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MangyCat said...

Keep dreaming big and focusing on the future. In the meantime, don't forget to enjoy today, for it will be gone in a flash. There are plenty of things to enjoy about your life now--being with family, developing new friendships, having the security and safety of being at home.

So glad I can be a part of your adventure into your 20s!