Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gospel Witnessing

Okay, I really need to share this story. At College I'm taking 2 classes. Drawing 1 and Ceramics 1. In Drawing 1 there's a girl (she likes to go as Spike) who is a Satanist. Well, when I first attended the class she made you religion known and I was thinking, "Oh great! I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. Lord, please help me to be a good witness for you." So, I began my witnessing commission, but with a different twist. I wasn't going up to anyone handing out tracks, or walking around with a large 'Repent' sign. I wasn't even really talking about it at first. I just lived and walked in the principals that God calls for his children. I wrote some stuff on my backpack like, 'God Rocks', 'Jesus Christ' and 'Eternal Life'. My fellow classmates saw the writings and instantly figured I was a quote "Christian". They didn't give it much thought.

But, something happened today that told me that they have thought more about it then I knew. Spike and I were sitting in the hall, waiting for our teacher to come. We're being nice and talking about different things. Then she asks my about my backpack and what I really mean by stating the name of Jesus Christ.

My mind instantly starts praying, "Lord, give me the words!" I continue to pray through-out the whole conversation.

She states her beliefs, about Satan, about no one really being evil and that re-incarnation is what happens after you die.

Then I state my relationship with God. I specify that there is a heaven and hell and that re-incarnation can't work. I also make it clear that true Christianity, being a Christ Follower as I like to put it, isn't a religion, but a relationship.

As we talk about these heated subjects, our other classmates are coming and listening in on the conversation. They are respectfully quiet and letting us 'but heads'.

It was very calm, not a debate or an argument.

Before the teacher came, Spike stopped and stared at me. And she said, "I am astounded."

I braced myself for anything.

"You are the only Christian I have meet that one, isn't trying to shove the gospel down my throat and convert me, two, isn't trying to kill me because I am a Satanist, and three, you aren't just saying things. I've seen you these past two months and you aren't just talking the talk but you are walking the walk."

Now it was my turn to be astounded. My mind instantly started praising God. The Lord was using me as a witness when all he had me do was keep my life in check.

I've been jumping for joy all day! Cause not only was I talking with, and giving Spike things to think about, but all my other classmates that were sitting with us also heard what we were saying.

I pray that the small conversation will help Spike and everyone else come closer to reaching the Lord. I also pray that I will continue to keep myself in check and that the Lord will use me to reach others.

If that talk today alone was the only reason God is having me go to college, then I wouldn't trade the joy it has given me for the world!


Twin for God said...

After reading this post only one word comes to mind... AMAZING. I'll pray for you, Spike, and the rest of your class. *hugs*


Anonymous said...

Wow! what an amazing story. I also want to thank you for your comment, I appreciate it very much.

Rachael Selk said...

Glory To God, I say. Thank's for praying Twin. Your Welcome Brandon. I'm still thanking God for that day.

MangyCat said...

I got to see the glow on your face that evening from this encounter. *hugs* God shines though you so brightly! Keep it up, Legolas. You are His conduit!