Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Testimony

I always love to hear peoples testimonies of how they came to Christ. So I decided to share my own testimony. It's not extravagant but it's still a story.

I was born in San Diego California but once my dad retired from the military we moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Being the fourth of five kids I grew up learning what was wrong from my older siblings. I saw that they got punished and I knew that I didn’t want a spanking. But I had my own ways of making trouble.

When I was in Junior High I was outcast from the youth group at church. No one wanted to know me or talk to me. I greatly wanted attention from people but I sought for it in the wrong way. I went Goth and adorned myself in a lot of black. I constantly wore black until my whole wardrobe was black. I dyed my hair and got black makeup for my eyes, I was going really dark.

But when I was 16 I was listening to a sermon on the radio and it convicted me that I was ruining my life. I wasn’t being the person that God created me to be. I was in rebellion to the Lord, and the sermon was piercing my heart.

I cried and asked God to give me another chance, not as a sinner but as a Child of His. I accepted Him as Lord of my life.

I knew then and there that I needed to change. It took a little while to get out of the black stuff and I confess I still like black stuff. But I turned a corner away from the broad path of destruction to the narrow path to light.

Now, my heart yearns to find out more about my King Jesus Christ. I want to share Christ with the people around me, to reach as many people as I can for Christ so that they too can be saved.

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MangyCat said...

Wow, I don't think I'd ever heard that story before, Legolas. Thank you for sharing! Any story of turning to God is extravagant to God. It means everything to Him. Good for you for choosing the narrow path. The light will always be there if you reach for it.